Basics of Business Etiquettes

We live in a society where rules and regulations govern the manner in which a person interacts and portrays oneself. The first impression of any person is determined by the manner in which they present themselves to the society. It is therefore, of utmost importance to learn the proper etiquettes that are required to present oneself in a dignified and professional manner.

Business etiquette is the code of conduct which governs the expectations of the behaviour in a professional workplace. The basis of any business etiquettes is to promote healthy and strong relationships with your colleagues and customers. The overall productivity of the company increases when an employee feels positive about his or her job. This results in a better customer relationship as well.

Basics of Business Etiquettes

Although the list of etiquettes varies from workplace to workplace, there are some which are common throughout the corporate world. The most basic business etiquette is the adoption of the “you” attitude, i.e. consider other’s needs before your own. Using the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as and when required will aid in creating a good personality which your colleagues will appreciate.

Given below are some of the common etiquettes that an employee is expected to follow in any workplace:

1. Use honorific titles such as Mr., Miss, or Mrs., unless told otherwise: When conversing with someone for the first time, using honorific titles is expected as your relations with the said person is purely professional. This makes you come across as a polite person, who respects others while talking.

2. Talking in a pleasant tone: The tone of a person usually conveys a lot about how the feel towards the person they are talking or referring to. Keeping a pleasant tone will enhance your image as someone who is friendly and approachable by everyone, and that you are considerate of everyone around you.

3. Arriving on time: The business world is a life in the fast lane. Time is of importance as various cogs of the company depend on multiple employees working in tandem. Such a life will require you to arrive to the company on time and work as per schedule, so as to not hamper the overall productivity of the company.

4. Do not interrupt others: Be it your junior or senior, interrupting someone while they are talking shows that you are not considerate about their opinion or point of view, or even the person sometimes. It also sends out the message what they are trying to convey is not important to you, which can affect your relationship with that person. Letting the person finish will not only allow you to hear their entire opinion but also send across the message that you are an attentive listener.

5. Dressing appropriately: The dress code will vary from place to place in accordance with the climate. Fresh, neatly ironed clothes without any tags or loose threads are a must in order to look sophisticated.

6. Avoid inappropriate jokes: While jokes and sarcasm can aid in breaking the ice or lightening the atmosphere, it is important to know which jokes are appropriate. Vulgar jokes or jokes that have their root in racism can often lead to problems on a big scale. People get offended easily, so it is wise to avoid any joke that may have negative consequences.

Basics of Business Etiquettes

It is important to understand that a workplace is made up more than one person. Hence you must be considerate of your co-workers around you. It is easy to sometimes overlook a particular aspect. Although this may be an honest mistake, it will hamper your relations with your co-workers. This can be avoided by simply remembering the 3 R’s:

There are times when you may not be aware of the actions that you subconsciously make. Although you may know the proper business etiquettes of your workplace, there may be instances when you end up not following them. Honest mistakes like these are bound to happen, and in such cases a quick, meaningful apology is the best course of action.

Most of the times, the set of rules and regulations of a company defines the business etiquette that is to be followed at the workplace. Approaching HR for clarification of doubts is advised if certain things are not clear.

All these etiquettes revolve around how you carry yourself. Following these on a daily basis helps create an image which says that you care a lot about people and are considerate of those around you. And that is the type of an employee or a co-worker who is appreciated by those around him.