HX Series

Multi-face machining in single setup with high material removal and precision for heavy components like engine and cylinder head, gearbox casings, valve and pump body, motor body etc. Heavily ribbed robust T- Base, step-up structure, excellent balancing and high torque belt driven spindle offers suitability for roughing to precise finishing work. With 180° swing type auto pallet hanger with online fixture interface and auto tool changer machine serves as perfect productive solution in the segment.
Key Features
  • Heavy duty rigid and dynamically balanced structure.
  • Wide T-bed and step-up construction with triangular column.
  • Powerful high torque belt driven BT-50 spindle.
  • High torque geared head available.
  • 180° swing type automatic pallet changer.
  • 1° indexing rotary table.
  • Online hydraulic fixture interfacing possible.
  • Bi-directional 40 tool chain type ATC.
  • Large accessibility for loading/unloading from top.
  • Large working envelope.
  • Ergonomics design and aesthetic look.
  • Efficient chip flow from centre of the machine.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • 3-point Leveling
    3-point Leveling
  • Auto Pallet Changer
    Auto Pallet Changer
  • Step-up structure
    Step-up structure
  • TPM Friendly
    TPM Friendly
  HX 400HX 500HX 510HX 600HX 610
X-Axis Travelmm6007008009001200
Y-Axis Travelmm500600600730730
Z-Axis Travelmm500600600750750
Distance from Pallet Surface to Spindle Centermm100-600100-700100-700100-830100-830
Distance from Pallet Center to Spindle Nosemm100-600150-750150-750150-900150-900
Automatic Pallet Changer      
Pallet Sizemm400 x 400500 x 500500 x 500630 x 630630 x 630
Max. Workpiece Size (φ x Height)mm600 x 700700 x 750700 x 750850 x 950850 x 950
Clamping System Hole M16 100 / 50 φ 40 H6Hole M16 100 / 100 φ 40 H6Hole M16 100 / 100 φ 40 H6Hole M16 100 / 100 φ 50 H6Hole M16 100 / 100 φ 50 H6
Max. Weight on Palletkg400800800800800
Min. Pallet Indexing*deg.0.001°
Pallet Indexing Timesec.812121515
Main Spindle     
Spindle Speed Rangerpm0-120000-60000-60000-60000-6000
Spindle Motor Power-FanuckW10.515/1115/1122/18.522/18.5
Spindle Motor Power-SiemenskW10.518/1218/1225.5/1725.5/17
Spindle Drive Type Bult in motorBelt DriveBelt DriveBelt DriveBelt Drive
Spindle Taper BT-40BT-50BT-50BT-50BT-50
Rapid Traverse (X,Y & Z Axis)m/min4030303030
Cutting Feedm/min1010101010
Automatic Tool Changer      
No. of Tool 2440404040
Max. Tool Dia. Pockets (All/Adj. Empty)mm80 / 125125 / 250125 / 250125 / 250125 / 250
Max. Tool Lengthmm300350350350350
Max. Tool Weightkg820202020
Tool Changing Timesec.
Accuracy (As per VDI/DGQ 3441)      
Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.0100.0100.0100.0150.015
Repeatability (Ps medium)mm0.0050.0050.0050.0070.007
Weight # (Approx.)kg830013000133001500015500
Machine Dimension #(Approx.)      
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout