KXG Series

The KXG series enabling 5-axis, precision machining of large sized complex component in single setup from roughing to finishing operations. Machine is built with very high static and dynamic rigidity. Fixed walls in concrete specifically adapted to the harmonic requirements of the machine which maximises structure rigidity and allows maximum damping during demanding cutting conditions. 2-axis fork head with integrated torque motor and linear motor for linear axis enables high speed machining. Powerful high torque electro-spindle helps for high metal removal rate. The series finds wide range of application in Die-Mould machining, punches & tool machining and precision part machining for aeronautic, automotive.
Key Features
  • Moving gantry type rigid concrete walls structure.
  • Fork type milling head with 2 rotational direct driven B & C-axis.
  • Structure integrating large glasses allowing on easy control of machining.
  • Incremental measurement by optical encoders & glass scale.
  • Powerful high speed high torque electro-spindle.
  • 40 tool ATC outside of working area.
  • 60 m/min. rapid rates with high acceleration.
  • linear motors enables acceleration rates up to 18 m/s2
  • Table dimension up to 9000 x 2500 with load carrying capacity of 52 tons.
  • Greater accessibility for easy loading/unloading.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis machining
    Simultaneous 5-Axis machining
  • High Speed Machine
    High Speed Machine
  • High Speed Electro-Spindle
    High Speed Electro-Spindle
  • TPM Friendliness
    TPM Friendliness
  KXG 45 - 14KXG 45 - 23KXG 60 - 23KXG 90 - 23
Linear X/Y/Z Axis     
Rapid Feedratem/min60/60/4560/60/4560/60/4560/60/45
Acceleration on Axism/s24/4.5/64/4.5/64/4.5/64/4.5/6
Rotating Head (B-C Axis)     
B AxisDeg.± 95°± 95°± 95°± 95°
C AxisDeg.± 190°± 190°± 190°± 190°
Rotation Speedrpm100100100100
Length x Widthmm4700 x 13904700 x 24806200 x 24809000 x 2480
Admissible Loadkg21000250003000030000
Distance Spindle Face to Table Top (Min./Max)mm185/985185/985185/985185/985
Electro Spindle     
Rotating Speedrpm20000200002000020000
Taper HSK 63AHSK 63AHSK 63AHSK 63A
Power (S6-40%/S1)kW75/6075/6075/6075/60
Torque (S6-40%/S1)Nm75/6075/6075/6075/60
Characteristic Speedrpm9550955095509550
Tool Magazine     
Pocket Qty. 40404040
Tool Taper HSK 63AHSK 63AHSK 63AHSK 63A
Tool Lengthmm300300300300
Tool Diametermm90909090
Tool Weightkg8888
Linear Axis (X/Y/Z Axis)     
Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.025/0.010/0.0100.025/0.010/0.0100.035/0.010/0.0100.050/0.010/0.010
Repeatability (Ps medium)mm0.005/0.005/0.0050.005/0.005/0.0050.006/0.005/0.0050.006/0.005/0.005
Rotating Axis (B/C -Axis)     
Positioning Uncertainty (P)sec10101010
Repeatability (Ps medium)sec5555
Tank CapacityLtr.1500150015001500
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout