Jyoti leads the fourth industrial revolution in CNC automation i.e. Industry 4.0 and manufacturing with 7th SENSE. Jyoti CNC offers solutions suited for transition towards Industry 4.0 including 7th SENSE solutions.

7th SENSE is a highly automated solution capable of processing the most sophisticated operations in the industry.

Jyoti introduces 7th SENSE an i4.0 solution capable of performing mundane and repeat tasks independently allowing humans to focus on the outcomes of these operations. 7th SENSE gives a quick overview of current tasks, completion stages, and other insights allowing humans to spend less time on measuring efficiency and productivity of the machine.

Our approach

“Industry 4.0 liberates us from repetitive tasks. This freedom allows us to sense more, improvise our actions, focus on thought provoking creativity, make conscious decisions, execute world-changing ideas, and achieve highest level of awareness in our personal and professional lives.”

P G Jadeja,
CMD, Jyoti CNC Automation Limited

explore your senses with 7th Sense

sets of features which combines productivity,
health, monitoring & tool life management

With features like a virtual machine screen that displays an updated status of the process, intelligent navigation to reduce errors, and various smart reports that gives smart analysis of the processes and outcomes , leaving few for interpretation by humans. 7th SENSE also has a Cockpit(dashboard) that gives a quick overview of current tasks, completion stages, and other insights allowing humans to spend less time on

  • 7th Sense’s features are ease to use

    • Intelligent Machine Management
    • Productivity Monitoring
    • Daily Production Virtualization & Visualization
    • Live Production Monitoring
    • Live Machine Monitoring
    • Virtual Machine Screen
    • Current Event Monitoring
    • Live Breakdown Alarms
    • Live OEE
    • Reports
    • Live Machine Health Monitoring
    • Machine Health Alarms Logs
    • Machine Health Analysis
    • Tool Management
    • Dedicated operator Screen
  • Productivity with Live Monitoring, Scheduling & Reports

    Master Modules & Features
    • Machine, Part, Shift Management
    • Production Scheduling Tool
    • Daily Production Virtualization & Visualization
    • Daily Task Manager
    • Planned Downtime Management
    • Reports
    • Live Production Monitoring
    • Live Machine Monitoring
    • Virtual Screen
    • Alarm Logs
    • User Management
      (operator, Supervisor etc.)
    Reports & Analysis
    OEE, Down Time Analysis, Availability Chart, Good/Scrap Parts, Machine Utilization, Production Trend, Speed-loss Analysis, Cycle Time Analysis, QMS*
  • Health Monitoring & Alerts with embedded SENSORS

    • Spindle
      Spindle Bearing Temperature
      Spindle Head Stock Temperature
      Spindle Vibration
      Spindle Load
      Spindle Power Utilization
      Spindle Run Hours
    • Coolant
      Coolant Flow Pressure
      Conveyor Coolant Level
    • Pneumatic
      Pneumatic Pressure
    • Hydraulic
      Hydraulic Pressure Status
      Hydraulic Oil Level Status
      Hydraulic Oil Temperature
    • Electrical
      Electrical Cabinet Temperature
    • Lubrication
      Axis Lubrication Oil Level
      Axis Lubrication Pressure
      Gear Box Lubrication Temperature
      Gear Box Lubrication Oil Level
      Gear Box Lubrication Filter Obstruct
  • Tool Life Management

    • Tool Life & Load Monitoring
    • Tool Management
    • User Management with customized table for Tool Life & Load Monitoring.
    • Sister tool library management and linkage with tool life management by "7" and close cascading with NC-tool management.
    • Tool Management with individual machine for users.
    • Better accessibility of tools on floor by tool manager/tool store user.

Jyoti is taking industry 4.0 on next level with
Smart Operator Panel

Operator Screen Menu
  • Live production update
  • Live machine schedule screen
  • Live Downtime Reasons
  • Drawing View in single tap
  • Daily operator task
  • Customized Screen availability
Operator Screen

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