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AI and Industry 4.0 Tools for Metal Cutting
Best Metal Cutting Brand 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 By The Economic Times, India
Best Metal Cutting Brand 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 By The Economic Times, India
Propelling Innovations

Propelling Innovations

Imagine a world without technology; it would be a world without life, without possibilities.

A dream becomes reality when there is a path leading to it. This path is of opportunities that turn true & a journey that reaches the destination.

At Jyoti, our mission is to create solutions in technology to contribute to a prosperous life.

Our dedication to innovation pushes us to materialize the possibilities that can ensure a completely satisfying life. Everyone in the circle of life benefits from our propelling technology towards a prosperous life.


Leading CNC Machine Manufacturing Company

Jyoti CNC Automation Limited is one of the largest CNC machine tool manufacturer of the nation. We have widespread product basket containing series of CNC machines, which includes Turning Centres, Turn-Mill Centers, Vertical Machining Centers (VMC), Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC), 5 Axis Machining Centers and Multi-tasking Machining Centers along with Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions. We have well establishes network in India with an installation base of more than 1,30,000+ machines across 60+ countries.

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Our Subsidiary

HURON GRAFFENSTADENHuron, A 160 + year old Machine Tool Giant, Pioneer in 5 axes machining technology.

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We humbly feel a pride for our TINY contribution to the maiden success of Mars Orbiter Mission

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Get the most of
Industry 4.0

  • 7th Sense
    Machine, production and health monitoring in single platform
  • Preci Protect
    Prevent the accidents in real-time, leverage the next gen AI from Preci-Protect.

Latest News

Introducing New Products & Updates

  • VST 160CNC Vertical Shaft Turning Center

    Anticipating growth in the consumption of Electrical Vehicles (EV), Jyoti has designed Vertical Shaft Turning Machine named VST 160 with integrated auto loading and unloading system targeted to cater to Electric Vehicles.

  • ZebraCNC Chucker

    Introducing our revolutionary CNC chucker machine: compact in design, yet unparalleled in productivity. ZEBRA is engineered for optimal operator ease and boasting the ability to deliver impeccable surface finishes, it stands at the forefront of precision turning technology. ZEBRA find its wide successful application for small to medium sized components, the series finds its suitability for complex jobs with cost high productivity as well as better tool life.

  • HP SeriesCNC Horizontal Machining Centers

    The High Performance (HP) series, our next-generation horizontal machining center, it is designed & built upon three important pillars: Rigidity, Accuracy, and High Dynamics. This innovative design ensures optimal results for users, delivering enhanced productivity and high reliability. Experience the next level of machining efficiency with the HP series.