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People & CulturePeople & Culture

At Jyoti, we

believe employees are our assets and we treat them as family members.

The culture here is well organized and self motivated. Our young and energetic staff has a high level of team spirit and enthusiasm which is highlighted during the exhibitions and seminars. What’s more, we always treat and welcome the visitors (Grahak) at the exhibition booth as God.

People always work hand in hand

As a united family, all the cultural and religious activities like Holi, Navratri, Dashera and Dipawali are celebrated and enjoyed at the premises itself.

We Play & Participate

Apart from celebrations, we play and participate in the various games as well as conduct and sponsor some of the tournaments. We believe sports keep people fit and healthy. To enhance the spirit of our people for the sports, a huge club house complex has been developed, which includes indoor area for basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess, carom, skating floor, a cricket ground and a swimming pool.

  • Culture looks beyond machinery, culture hates hatred, culture has one great passion-the passion for sweetness and light.
    - Matthew Arnold