MuTech Series
MuTech 6

MU Tech Series is an ideal choice for modern machine shop which offers versatile milling applications with high speed, power, geometrical accuracies and larger clamping surface. Large and complex 5-axis components can be easily operated in single set-up and in minimum cycle time. Symmetrical design of heavily ribbed cast iron structure leads to greater stability, excellent anti-damping and improved geometrical accuracies at the rapid of 30m/min. Tilting head on Y-axis with +30°/ -120° enabling machining on 5 sides. Fixed table with integrated rotary table, electro-spindle and twin arm type ATC makes machine more productive for intricated machining.
Key Features
  • Versatile high performance machine.
  • Heavy rigid and excellent anti-damping structure.
  • Geometrically stable machine.
  • Fixed table with integrated rotary table on Z-axis traverse.
  • 12000rpm electro-spindle
  • Swiveling Head (+30° / -120°).
  • 24 tool arm type faster ATC placed outside of working area.
  • Greater working envelope for large size component.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Wide door opening for better approach.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine
    Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine
  • High Speed Electro Spindle
    High Speed Electro Spindle
  • TPM Friendliness
    TPM Friendliness
  MU Tech 6
Table (Fixed)  
Table Sizemm1000 x 600
T-Slot Sizemm7 x 14 x 80
Max. Load on Tablekg700
Min.Distance from Floor to Table Topmm900
X-Axis Travelmm750
Y-Axis Travelmm560
Z-Axis Travelmm560
Dist.from Pallet Top to Spindle Nose (Vertical)mm100
Dist.from Pallet Top to Spindle Cen. (Horizontal)mm300
Max.Job Dia.& heightmmØ 800 x 550
Feed & Acceleration  
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z-axis)m/min30
Acceleration (X/Y/Z -Axis)m/sec25
Cutting Feedm/min10
Electro Spindle  
Spindle Speedrpm12000
Spindle PowerkW23.6
Spindle TorqueNm110/84
Spindle Nose SK40
Rotating Head (B-Axis)  
Spindle Axis/Saddle Planedeg.+30/-120
Rotating Speedrpm35
Automatic Tool Changer  
No.of Tool 24
Max.Tool Dia.(All/adj.empty)mm75/125
Tool Weightkg7
Tool Lengthmm300
Positioning Accuracymm0.01
Weight # (Approx)kg9300
Dimension # (Approx)  
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout