Jyoti CNC Automation LTD. Imtex 2019 Bangalore
About Us

About Us

Propelling Technology, Prospering Life.

  • Our purpose leads to the advancement of technology in machine tool arena and thus contributing the comfort and enhancement to the existence of human life.
  • Seeks always to be considered as the major contributor to the society economically and culturally.
  • Dedicated to the development of technology through scientific excellence and innovations.
  • Makes life merry to all those who are connected with us.
  • To provide perfect working environment and seeks to be the most preferred organization to work with.
  • To patronize the technological education and awareness among the interested.


To become one of the top 10 machine tool manufacturers in the world.

We visualize

  • Having presence in all major engineering hubs globally.
  • Contributing humbly in making of a developed nation by technological advancements, catering to 20% of the domestic market, establishing Technology Centers in 10 major cities.
  • Patronizing technical education by instituting a Machine Tool Academy.
  • Promoting Eco-friendliness by developing energy efficient solutions.
  • Considered to be the most preferred organization to work with by all our business associates including the team members
  • Facilitating all the team members to enjoy the higher standards of living for a happier & healthier life.
  • Creating a work environment that fosters passion, creativity and optimism with fun, respect and pride for all individuals.
  • Being exceptionally customer centric, delighting all our customers by all means and action.
  • Deeply admired brand among the machine tool fraternity.
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