• Collision Prevention Technology by Huron

  • A Complete Virtualisation

    A Complete virtualisation of your machine environment

    The NC look-ahead provide future axis position, PRECI PROTECT uses these future positions to animate a complete virtual 3D model of the machine, detecting any physical contact before it really occurs.

    Run in real time in all modes

    Run in real time in all modes
  • A Complete Virtual

    A complete virtual environment that takes into account all components

    Complete Virtual Environment
  • Huron Custom HMI

    Integrated in the Huron custom HMI

    Custom HMI
  • Complete Protection

    Complete protection for expensive probing equipement

    Part Probe
    Tool Probe
    Complete Protection
  • Complete Support

    Complete support of angular heads and other spindle attachments Detailled tool geometry description

    Complete Support
  • Detect Collision Cutting Tools

    Detect collision of non center cutting tools Support for tools with bulge

    Detect Collision Cutting Tools
  • Support In-Process

    Support in-process stock with material removal Allow export of resulting 3D model

    Support In-Process
  • Real Time Use Of NC Data

    Tool offsets
    Work offsets
    Kinematic data

    Importation Of 3D Geometry

    Tool holders
    Real Time Use Of NC Data
  • Machine Protection

    No collision
    Préserves machine accuracy
    Protection in manual and automatic modes
  • Part Protection

    No scrap parts
    Ensure lead time is respected
    Applicable to all type of parts
    Ideal for complex & expensive parts
  • Benefits

    No need for offline simulation
    Guaranties profitability
    No repair costs
    No expensive downtime
    Peace of mind

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