MX Series

The MX Series is a multifunction high flexible machine enabling Milling & Turning operation roughing to finishing in one setup part clamping. A structure with mobile column, milling head equipped with integrated torque motor and swivels on 45° plane, tilting from -45 ̊ to 180 ̊. Powerful electro-spindle has two working position vertical and horizontal. C-Axis rotary table with 250rpm enables turning of large diameter components. The series accommodate large job envelope with constant accuracy and precision with rapid of 40 m/min. Machine is equipped with a twin pallet whose changing time is less than 1 minute and have large number of tool ATC which are very useful in sector of aerospace industries as well as in energy sector for heavy jobs.
Key Features
  • High speed & high precision 5-axis mill-turn machine.
  • Mobile column extreme rigid structure.
  • Harmonically stable machine.
  • Rotary table with direct driven torque motor.
  • Swiveling head of -45° /+ 180°.
  • Two position head vertical & horizontal.
  • Powerful electro-spindle with high torque.
  • Fork type head available for negative angle machining.
  • High rapid of 40 m/min
  • Faster automatic work piece changer.
  • Roller types L.M. guideways with linear glass scale
  • Large accessibility from top for loading/unloading.
  • Efficient chip flow and effective chip evacuation.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis Machining
    Simultaneous 5-axis Machining
  • High Speed Machining
    High Speed Machining
  • Automatic Pallet Changer
    Automatic Pallet Changer
  • TRIM Table
    TRIM Table
  • High Speed Electro Spindle
    High Speed Electro Spindle
  MX 8 [M]MX 8 [MT]MX 10 [M]MX 10 [MT]MX 11 [M]MX 12 [M]MX 12 [MT]MX 12L [M]MX 12L [MT]MX 16 [M]MX 20 [M]
Travelsmm1160 x 1000 x 9001200 x 1200 x 10001250 x 1250 x 10001200 x 1600 x 10002000 x 1600 x 11002300 x 2300 x 12503000 x 3100 x 1600
Rapid Feed Ratesm/min40406040404020
Acceleration on Axism/s²4444431.8 / 2 / 2
Rotating Axis A - Head            
Rotating Speedrpm10010030100100100100
Torque : Clamping / MotorNm2500/21202500/21207000/26602500/21202500/21207000/36407000/3640
Rotating Axis C - Table            
Rotating Speedrpm505006550030502505025097
AreammØ 1000 x 800Ø 800Ø 1250 x 900Ø 1000Ø 1250 x 1100Ø 1600 x 1250Ø 1400Ø 1600 x 1250Ø 1400Ø 1750Ø 2200
Admissible Loadkg2000200025002500250040004000400040001000012000
Rotating Speedrpm1500010000150001000010000150001000015000100001000010000
Taper HSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 100AHSK 100A
Torque (S6-40% / S1)Nm277415/313277415/313415/313277415/313277415/313415/313415/313
Characteristic Speedrpm10001000100010001000100010001000100010001000
Accuracy Linear AxisRotating AxisLinear AxisRotating Axis
Uncertainty P 7 µ10 sec7 µ10 sec
Repeatability : Ps Medium 4 µ5 sec4 µ5 sec
Tool Magazine            
Pockets Quantity 60606060606060606060
Taper HSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 63AHSK 100AHSK 100A
Tool Lengthmm400500400650650400650400650400
Tool Diameter (All/Adj.Empty)Ø (mm)95/120125/25095/120125/250125/25095/120125/25095 / 120125/250120
Max. Tool Weightkg8258252582582510
Flow - Pressurelpm - bar30 - 560 - 560 - 530 - 5
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout