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Jyoti CNC Automation Limited, has a wholly owned subsidiary Huron Graffenstaden SAS located at Strasbourg, France. The company is considered to be the pioneer of the 5 Axis technology and was incepted way back in 1957 . Huron is having the subsidiaries at Germany, Canada and Turkey. The first Milling Machine with the Universal Head of 5 Axis was built by Huron in the year1900 and subsequently the first CNC machine was built in the year 1958.

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Huron is well reputed name across the Europe for its expertise to produce High Dynamic, High Precision 5 Axis CNC machines catering to the sophisticated industry segments like Aerospace and Defence, Automobile, Die and Mould and General Engineering. Huron is having a very large and diversified customer base of more than 1,00,000 + machines installations across the globe.

Huron is having the very renowned customer base across the continents which includes Airbus, Boeing, NASA, AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) , Dassault, MBDA, GE, Safran, Antonov, TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), Rolls Royce, Themis etc from Aerospace and Defence industry and Auto giants like Daimler, BMW, Audi, Fiat, Peugeot, Volks Wagen, Volvo, Ferrari etc.

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