KX Five

KX Five nvu Series

KX Five Series, HSM concept enabling operation in 5-axis simultaneous from roughing to finishing of variety of complex high precision applications. The fix portal design combines high dynamics and accuracy with improved surface quality. Powerful high speed electro-spindle assures high metal removal rate. Rotary table is equipped with TRIM technology offers inclination at 55° allowing negative angle which can be rotate up to 50 rpm with area of φ 500mm, -30°/+180° tilting. Multiple variant in multiple pallet and ATC adds productive advantage with the series. These series is specially designed for injection moulds, complex aerospace components or high integrity mechanical parts.
Key Features
  • Structure with fixed portal in ribbed cast iron with stiffness wall.
  • Harmonically stable Machine for complex part machining.
  • A & C axis TRIM table with high torque capacity.
  • 20° negative angle in table for 6th side machining.
  • Large accessibility from the top for better approach.
  • Incremental measurement by optical encoders.
  • High speed 24000rpm electro-spindle.
  • Multiple variant in palletization up to 6 pallets.
  • 20 tool fast auto tool changer.
  • Efficient chip disposal and easy chip evacuation.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Ergonomic design and aesthetic look.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • High Speed Machine
    High Speed Machine
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine
    Simultaneous 5-Axis Machine
  • Rotary Table with TRIM
    Rotary Table with TRIM
  • High Speed Electro Spindle
    High Speed Electro Spindle
  K3X8 Five nvuK2X10 Five
Linear Axis (X,Y & Z-axis)   
Travelsmm780 x 700 x 500900 x 900 x 500
Rapid Feedratesm/min5050
Acceleration on axism/s255
Structure Table on a 55˚ planeTable on a 45˚ plane
Tilting Axis - A +30˚ to -180˚+45˚ to -180˚
Rotation Speed A - Axisrpm5040
Rotational Axis - C 360°360°
Rotation Speed C - Axisrpm5090
Working Position Horizontal position =0˚Horizontal position =0˚
(Angle Spindle Axis/Table) Vertical position=90˚Vertical position=90˚
Table AreammØ 500Ø 630
Admissible Load on Tablekg250500
Distance from spindle nose to table topmm525700
Rotating Speedsrpm1800018000
Tool Taper HSK 63AHSK 63A
Power-Torque (S6-40%/S1)kW - Nm26.7 - 110/8426.7 - 110/84
Characteristics Speedrpm34003400
Tool Magazine   
Pocket quantity 2020
Max. Tool lengthmm250250
Tool Diametermm9090
Max. Tool weightkg78
Uncertainty : PµmLinear Axis X,Y & Z : 4Linear Axis X,Y & Z : 4
SecRotating Axis A & C : 7.2Rotating Axis A & C : 7.2
Repetability : Ps MediumµmLinear Axis X,Y & Z : 2Linear Axis X,Y & Z : 2
SecRotating Axis A & C : 3.6Rotating Axis A & C : 3.6
Flow-Pressuremin - bar30 - 0330 - 03
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout