KX Series
KX Large Series

KX Large series is a range of high performance 5-axis double column machining centers for complex 3D contouring machining. The rigid structure loaded with fork type with 2-rotary axis milling head allows high speed cutting, feed rates and acceleration at minimum jerk. Optical measuring scale adds to greater accuracy and cutting performance. Several high torque electro-spindle and auto tool changer options available for different application base requirement. Exclusively fit for large sized die-mould, tool room, aerospace and precision engineering component.
Key Features
  • Portal, rigid, double column gantry type structure.
  • Forked milling head with 2 rotational direct driven B & C axis.
  • Harmonically & thermally stable machine.
  • High acceleration and high rapid rate up to 40m/min.
  • Incremental measurement by optical encoders.
  • High speed 20000rpm electro-spindle.
  • Large door opening for better accessibility.
  • High precision wider roller type liner motion guide ways.
  • 30, 40 tool fast ATC Placed outside of working area.
  • Efficient chip flow and effective chip evacuation.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • Simultaneous 5-Axis machining
    Simultaneous 5-Axis machining
  • High Speed Machine
    High Speed Machine
  • High Speed Electro Spindle
    High Speed Electro Spindle
  • TPM Friendliness
    TPM Friendliness
  KX 50 MKX 50 LKX 100KX 200KX 300
Linear X/Y/Z Axis      
Rapid Feedratem/min40404025/40/4020
Acceleration on Axism/s244(*:Weight on table limited) 2.4(**)441.9 1.9 2
Vectorial Accelerationm/s277/6.2(**)773.5
Rotating Head (B-C Axis)      
B AxisDeg.± 95°± 95°± 95°± 95°± 95°
C AxisDeg.± 190°± 190°± 190°± 190°± 190°
Acceleration on Axisrad/s21212666
Length x Widthmm2200 x 12503300 x 12502500 x 12503500 x 12505200 x 2000
Admissible Loadkg400060006000900013000
Quantity of Slots 999915
Slot : Reference/Othersmm18H7/18H1218H7/18H1222H8/22H1222H8/22H1222H8/22H12
Distance Between Slotsmm125125125125125
Electro Spindle      
Rotating Speedrpm2000020000180001800018000
Power (S6/S1)kW75/6075/6030/2030/2030/20
Torque (S6/S1)Nm75/6075/60240/160240/160240/160
Characteristic Speedrpm99509950120012001200
Tool Magazine      
Pocket Qty. 3030404040
Tool Lengthmm300300300300300
Tool Diametermmφ 90φ 90φ 100φ 100φ 100
Tool Weightkg88888
Weight in the Magazinekg120120160160160
Linear Axis (X/Y/Z Axis)      
Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.0070.0070.0070.0070.01
Repeatability (Ps medium)mm0.0040.0040.0040.0040.005
Rotating Axis (B/C Axis)      
Positioning Uncertainty (P)sec1010101010
Repeatability (Ps medium)sec55555
Tank CapacityLtr.375375100010001000
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout