AX Series

AX series can deliver higher level of accuracy and precision for sophisticated machining of bar, shaft and chucking components for automotive, instruments, hydraulic or electronics industries, aerospace industries etc. The frame size with different variants make them unique. Tailormade solutions made possible to meet varying demand of market. Multitasking made possible with combination of two electro-spindle and live tool turret with Y-Axis. Single piece slat bed rigid structure takes minimum floor space requirement and reduces effect of vibration and increases machined surface quality, provides excellent precision, stability and accuracy even for hard part turning.
Key Features
  • Unique single piece slant bed construction.
  • 12-station live tool turret with independent Y axis.
  • High speed electro spindle with C-axis and rigid headstock.
  • Secondary spindle available.
  • High rapid rates upto 35 m/min with higher acceleration
  • Directly Coupled and precision linear axis.
  • Ergonomic designed, improved operating condition and aesthetic look.
  • Hydraulic chucking.
  • Efficient chip flow and easy chip handling.
  • Auto and manual coolant system.
  • Electrical with quality devices & panel with A.C.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication.
  • Monoblock Rigid Structure
    Monoblock Rigid Structure
  • Electro-spindle
  • TPM Concept
    TPM Concept
  AX 200AX 200MAX 200MYAX 200MSYAX 300AX 300MAX 300MYAX 300MSY
Swing Over Bedmm550550550550650650650650
Std. Turning Dia.mm370330330330465420420420
Max. Turning Dia.*mm370330330330480420420420
Maximum Turning Length *mm325/625325/625325/625625600/1200600/1200600/1200600
Chuck Dia.mm200200200200250250250250
X-Axis Travel mm200200200200250250250250
Y-Axis Travel mmNANA±40±40NANA±50±50
Z-Axis Travel mm325/625325/625325/625625625/1225625/1225625/1225625
Rapid Feed (X,Y & Z- axis)m/min24/NA/3024/NA/3024/24/3024/24/3024/NA/3024/NA/3024/24/3024/24/30
Main Spindle (Motorised)         
Spindle Motor Power (Cont)Siemens- FanuckW9.
Spindle Speed Rangerpm45004500450045004000400040004000
Spindle Nose A26A26A26A26A28A28A28A28
Max. Bar Capacitymm5252525265656565
Sub-Spindle (Motorised)         
Spindle Motor Power (Cont)Siemens- FanuckWNANANA7.5NANANA9.15
Spindle Speed RangerpmNANANA5000NANANA4500
Spindle TravelmmNANANA630NANANA620
Turret Type ServoLiveLiveLiveServoLiveLiveLive
Number of Station 1212121212121212
Max. Boring Bar Dia.mm4040404050505050
Tool Size (Cross Sectional)mm25 x 2525 x 2525 x 2525 x 2525 x 2525 x 2525 x 2525 x 25
Live Tool Power (Siemens/Fanuc)kWNA4.8/4.54.8/4.54.8/4.5NA4.8/5.54.8/5.54.8/5.5
Live Tool Speed (Siemens)rpmNA450045004500NA450045004500
Live Tool Speed (Fanuc)rpmNA450045004500NA300030003000
Tail Stock         
Tailstock Type DigitalDigitalDigitalNADigitalDigitalDigitalNA
Tailstock Travelmm330/630330/630330/630NA620/1220620/1220620/1220NA
Live Quill Taper MT-5MT-5MT-5NAMT-5MT-5MT-5NA
Quill Dia.mm130130130NA130130130NA
Accuracy (As per VDI/DGQ 3441)         
Positioning Uncertainty (P)mm0.0050.0050.0050.0050.0050.0050.0050.005
Repeatability (Ps medium)mm0.0030.0030.0030.0030.0030.0030.0030.003
Machine Weight # (Approx.) kg4100/45004200/46004400/480050006300/69006500/71006500/71006700
Machine Dimension # (Approx.)          
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout