AT/ATM Series
AT/ATM 160

With the help of automated job loading and unloading, the series is well suitable for mass production jobs. With special modular tooling concept machine performs wide range of operation like Turning, Milling, Drilling-Tapping and even Grinding. With automation of direct job pick-up, simplicity and compactness, vertical line machine can easily replace horizontal single spindle machine. Concept of inverted vertical moving electro-spindle head, keeps front space available for customized tooling makes this series unique. Single piece rigid base construction adds other structural benefits. Particular applications such as differential case machining made easy and effective with vertical line machines.
Key Features
  • Concept of moving inverted vertical spindle.
  • Ridged single piece base design to sustain all dynamic load.
  • High speed electro-spindle.
  • Automatic job stacking unit.
  • Y-axis and live tool turret for turn mill option.
  • High speed servo tool turret.
  • Very high rapid traverse up to 50m/min.
  • Ideal chip flow ensures easy for maintenance.
  • Hydraulic chucking.
  • Compact footprint
  • Fully tooled up solution to meet customer need.
  • Monoblock Rigid Structure
    Monoblock Rigid Structure
  • Bi-directional servo turret
    Bi-directional servo turret
  • Electro-Spindle
    AT 160 ATM 160
Std Chuck Size mm 160 160
Max. Turning Length* mm 200 200
Max. Turning Dia.* mm 160 160
X-Axis Travel (Cross) mm 700* 700*
Z-Axis Travel (Longitudinal) mm 300 300
Y-Axis Travel mm NA 200
Rapid Feed (X/Y/Z Axis) m/min 50 50
Main Spindle      
Spindle Motor Power (Siemens) kW 9/7.5 9/7.5
Spindle Motor Power (Fanuc) kW 18.5/15 18.5/15
Spindle Nose   Flat Dia 140 Flat Dia 140
Spindle Speed Range rpm 50-5000 50-5000
C Axis Resolution Deg 0.001° 0.001°
Customized Tooling (Opt.)      
Table Size mm 340 x 430 340 x 430
Type   Servo Live Tool Servo
No. of Station   8 12
Max. Boring Bar Dia. mm 40 40
Tool Size (Cross Sectional) mm 25 X 25 25 X 25
No.of Rotating Tool   NA 12
Live Tool Motor Power kW NA 4.2
Auto Loader      
Type of Drive   AC Servo AC Servo
Max. Job Size mm Dia 160 X 200 Height Dia 160 X 200 Height
Max. Possible Job Weight kg 10 10
Max. No. of Jobs   22 22
Accuracy (As per VDI/DGQ 3441)      
Positioning Uncertainty (P) mm 0.01 0.01
Repeatability (Ps medium)  mm 0.005 0.005
Weight # (Approx.)  kg 5800 7300
Dimension # (Approx.)       
Length mm 2500 2500
Width mm 2550 2550
Height mm 2600 2600
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout