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Annual Sales Retreat 2023-24

It is time to celebrate! Success always brings a great joy and responsibility. Year 2022-23 was a remarkable successful year as Team Jyoti had crossed all time high historical performance and set a new benchmark for future. The Annual Sales Retreat 2023-24 held on 8-9 April 2023 under the mantra of “One Team One Dream“. … Continue reading Annual Sales Retreat 2023-24

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Annual Customer Support Retreat 2022-23

Annual Customer Support Retreat was a refreshing event to boost the enthusiasm of our customer centric approach to serve at its best. The event was designed to embrace the most thoughtful zone of service and to deliver along with extended individual boundaries. It was perfect start of year by throwing all the darker chapter of … Continue reading Annual Customer Support Retreat 2022-23

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Annual Sales Retreat 2022-23

Annual Sales Retreat was an event to welcome the post covid era of an optimism and positivity across the lives. The team has introspected within and tried to look forward with an optimism leaving the dark past behind. The Industry is at the point of inflection from where we expect the smooth road ahead complementing … Continue reading Annual Sales Retreat 2022-23

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Jyoti Annual Sales Retreat 2016-17

Great and Cheerful moments with entire sales team of Jyoti on Annual Sales Retreat 2016-17, at Lagoon Regency Resort, Rajkot. Relaxing time!!! Dance, Sing ….Party!!!!!

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