On Daily Basis, there are tonnes of parts being made, with many moving parts. A machine shop can be compared with a synchronized process where everything needs to work together to get the peak level efficiency.

Ways to make the machine shop more efficient.

It’s an exquisite and even distribution to keep the machines working at the possible best condition, even employees working coherently as well. Here one of the Jyotians elaborating some tips for improving the machine shop workability & productivity.

Learned Employees:

Occupational safety & Health (OSH) requirements that need to be followed in a manner to prevent accidents, to lower the injury ratio of employees. So, all the employees should be properly as well as perpetually learned on OSH specifications & other safety values. The employees should be aware of the workplace risks & jeopardize and how to operate machines safely on the basis of daily use.

Join forces with Full-time employees:

These people will have the best ideas to help you to decide about any changes that need to be made in your local machine shops. Most employees not create waves, because they were not asked for it ever earlier. You may find even goldmine of creative ideas to increase proficiency by leaps and bounds.

Quality Assurance:

Each & every manufacturing processes contain quality check to find assurance that all parts (of a product) are accurate in dimensions & trouble-free to operate. However, every employees got to train to do their job, and if any employee makes mistakes more than once then he/she should be trained again so the errors won’t be happening more again, because each replacement costs more materials to your machine shop.

Analyse the flux:

It helps to realize that (might be) the machining/working process is not running as progressively as it could be, so here, you will have to analyse the shop processes. You’ll be able to improve your daily operations remarkably by doing so. Ex. If there are two work-shops not being next to each other, the only thing will happen and that is Time-Waste. So effective step would be the placement of machine shops and the machines accordingly.

Ways to make the machine shop more efficient.

Upgrade Machines:

You have to upgrade the machines for maintaining quality machining to prevent manual errors, time taking operations, to be precise in dimensions, to set amount of tolerances, to pursue factor of safety etc. Up-gradation will cost you in the beginning, but by the time it’ll paid off with higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Keeping your protocol up-to-date:

All kind of machine shops need to be with current trends, standards & innovation to reinforce the efficiency. A comprehensively new process to help up-risen the way that we look at various prelim designs… that’s The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)..!!

Set the time-limit accordingly:

Employees don’t want to work tirelessly as they all have their personal life even if they are paid for overtime. This will impact on overall progress of the company. So when dealing on a product, set the realistic time limit, planning it correctly. It’ll allow some leeway space for machine downtime and employees absence.

Preventive maintenance:

It’s pre-eminent to have all the machines examined before of the workday to verify if they’ll be operated finely. Such intervals for examination are much less expensive than to have a major setback after machines gone down. Downtime is not only expensive (because it’ll consume parts & labour) but it may take more time which will delay your commitment towards the customer. So it could cost more than you thought.

Must prepare for Industry 4.0:

Don’t let your CNC machine shop fall behind. Upgrade to Industry 4.0 to gain a verge. This technology collects performance information in real time, giving you the data you need to make quick decisions. It’s time to embrace Industry 4.0 to compete in the current and future markets.

Following these suggestions can help your machine shops to run effortlessly, to lower labour costs, to prevent setbacks by timely operations, lengthen the life of machines, and to keep your amazing team members on board with you.

Ways to make the machine shop more efficient.