MTX Series

This series of state-of-art designed machine from Jyoti, caters to special needs of those complex (small or large) single piece components, demanding both 5-Axis complex precise milling + precise turn-mill operations in single machine. A complete multi-tasking possible with main electro-spindle with C-axis and secondary electro spindle with Z3-axis for turning, one milling spindle (with X1/Y/Z1 & B-axis), live tool turret (X2/X2-axis) and Y-axis with stroke of 150mm. Also equipped with large number of tool ATC and special deep boring operation upto 1mtr long and 150kg boring bar can be offer. Multitasking with uninterrupted & unmanned machining of typical applications demanding close tolerance machining for industries like aerospace, automotive, mechanical, power, oil & gas etc.

MTX Series


Key Features

  • Rigid single piece bed.
  • High precision roller type LM with rapid of 40m/min.
  • 6-sided complete milling and turning operations.
  • ±150mm Y-axis for off centre machining.
  • Powerful motorized main and sub spindle and milling spindle.
  • Lower live tool turret with 2-axis
  • 40 tool auto tool changer outside of machining area.
  • Optional ATC available for 1000mm and 90kg long boring bar.
  • Servo driven steady rest available.
  • Efficient chip flow and effective chip removal.
  • Wide door opening for better approach.
  • Ergonomic design and aesthetic look.
  • Electrical with quality device & panel AC.
  • Auto & manual coolant.
  • Centralized & programmable lubrication

High Speed Electro-Spindle

High Speed Machining

TPM Friendliness

Technical Specification

    MTX 300  
Machining Capacity      
Swing Over Bed mm 520  
Max. Turning Diameter (with Milling Spindle) mm 520  
Max. Turning Diameter (with Lower Turret) mm 350  
Distance Between Centre Length mm 2300  
Spindles   Main Secondry (Opt.)
Spindle Nose   A2-8 A2-8
Spindle Bore mm 77 77
Spindle Power kW 35 35
Spindle Torque Nm 585 585
Spindle Speed rpm 4000 4000
X1/Y/Z1-Axis (Milling Spindle) mm 600/±150/2150  
X2/Z2-Axis (Lower Turret) mm 230/2000  
Z3-Axis (Secondary Spindle -Optional) mm   2000
Rapid Feed      
X1/Y/Z1-Axis (Milling Spindle) m/min 40/40/40  
X2/Z2-Axis (Lower Turret) m/min 26/30  
Z3-Axis (Sub Spindle) m/min   30
B-Axis (Milling Spindle) rpm 30  
Milling Spindle      
Spindle Taper   HSK 63A  
Spindle Motor Power (S6-40%/S1) -Siemens kW 26  
Spindle torque Nm 125  
Max. Spindle Speed rpm 6000 (12000)  
Spindle Swivelling Range (B-Axis) Degree ±110  
Lower Turret (LTT)      
Number of Driven Station   12  
Max. Live Tool Speed rpm 3000  
Live Tool Motor Power kW 8.8  
Max. Boring Bar Dia. mm 50  
Automatic Tool Changer   Main Tool Magazine Sub Tool Magazine (Opt.)
Number of Tool Station   40 (80, 120) 6  (20)
Max. Tool Dia. (All/Adj. Empty) mm 90/160 100
Max. Tool Length mm 500 1000
Max. Tool Weight kg 15 90
Machine Weight # (Approx) Kg 18000  
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout