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Why data analytics is important?

With technology being integrated into every aspect of human life, tons of data is being generated every second. Each byte of data provides an insight into field which can yield valuable information. With the amount of data being generated, an equally strong and thorough analysis is required in order to understand the information. This has … Continue reading Why data analytics is important?

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Dummy’s guide to Data Science

“Numbers never lie.” Why? This is because they are a collection of data represented in a numerical manner after extensive research. Opinions can lie, because they are formed based on the stories. But numbers don’t lie. And as a result, when a situation demands validation, numbers – in the form of statistics – provide a … Continue reading Dummy’s guide to Data Science

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Basics of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is defined as the study of computer algorithms that automatically improve by using the data available as well as learning from its past experiences. Simply put, it is a process which enables the machines to learn automatically without actually being programmed to. While programs have a definite code that it will follow while … Continue reading Basics of Machine Learning

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