ABX 40

(Model Variants: ABX 40)

To meet the demand of Gas & Steam turbine blades machining in 5-Axis machining centre. for power generation sector, Jyoti developed 5-axis blade machining centre as knows as ABX 40. ABX is equipped with 12000 rpm electro spindle, tilting head on Z-axis with enabling on 5 sides & Dual synchronized rotary table with customized clamping system.

ABX 40


Key Features

  • Broad column structure & robust construction.
  • Dual Synchronized A-axis for blade machining process
  • High speed electro spindle 12000 rpm with Ceramic bearing for longer spindle life.
  • 24 Tools arm type sliding ATC that travels on LM guideways.
  • Greater working envelops for blade machining process.
  • Linear glass scale.
  • Chip Conveyor.
  • Customized clamping solution.
  • Electrical with Quality device & panel A.C.
  • Auto & Manual Coolant System.
  • Centralized & Programmable lubrication.

Simultaneous 5-axis Machining

High torque Electro Spindle

TPM Friendliness

Dual Synchronized Rotary table

Technical Specification

Technical Specification   ABX 40
X/Y/Z - Axis Travel mm 900/600/600
A / A1 - Axis Degree   360⁰ Endless
Swivel B-Axis Degree Deg. -35⁰ / +90⁰
Rotary axis A / B rpm 200/60
Distance Between Tables mm Min. 450, Max. 850
Swing Diameter mm 300
Sub Table Movement   Manual
Sub Table Clamping   Manual
Main Spindle    
Spindle Nose   HSK 63A
Spindle Speed rpm 12000
Spindle Power kW 23.6
Rapid Traverse (X / Y/ Z Axis) m/min 24/40/40
Cutting Feed (X / Y/ Z Axis) m/min 10/20/20
Main Spindle    
Spindle Speed rpm 12000
Spindle Motor Power (Cont.) kW 26
Spindle Motor Torque (Cont.) Nm 120
Front Bearing Bore mm 70
Spindle Nose   HSK 63A
Automatic Tool Changer    
No. of Tool Nos. 24
Max. Tool Diameter mm 80
Tool Length Max. mm 250
Accuracy (As per VDI/DGQ 3441) (linear glass scale)    
Positioning Accuracy mm 0.006
Repeatability (Ps medium) mm 0.003
Rotary Axis Accuracy arc-sec 10
Rotary Axis Repetability arc-sec 7
Other Data    
Machine Weight # (Approx.) kg 8300
Machine Dimension # (Approx.)    
Length mm 2830
Width mm 3140
Height mm 3500
* Depend upon clamping arrangement, Tooling & Job
# Refer machine detailed layout