Order and Delivery PolicyOrder and Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

We understand that getting your items quickly is important to you; we are at your service to make every effort to process your order quickly.

We are committed to delivering your order accurately and in good condition.

As the machine is booked online through our website Jyoti.co.in with a token advance amount, the final delivery time will be known to you by contacting our sales team or by our nearest branch office across India.

After the order confirmation by our management team the delivery time will be mentioned in the terms of agreement which will be sent to you by our management. The delivery time will be 10 weeks after the order conformation by Jyoti CNC Automation Limited (Thus final delivery time and dispatch authority reserved by management only and buy booking machine online you are also agreeing this policy as well.)

Order Policy

Order, Cancellation, Refund & Return Policy

Machine ordered online through our website Jyoti.co.in with a token advance amount will not be cancelled.

The advance token amount payment is non-refundable. However, the same advance amount can be transferred to any other online available product from our online shopping basket.

We do not entertain cancellation, refund and return.

By booking the machine online from Jyoti.co.in you are agreeing all terms and conditions.

Final rights reserved by management of Jyoti CNC Automation Limited